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Poetry Month In Kansas

Each April, National Poetry Month, the poet laureate celebrates with you Kansas-style. In past years, we've had weekly writing contests, and projects, such as the Kansas daily poem in your pocket, the poetry pen-pal project, and special writing tips, prompts and inspirations. Please drop back by after the first of the year to hear about April 2012 events and invitations.

Other ways to celebrate:

  • Learn about past and present Poet Laureates of Kansas Denise Low and Jonathan Holden.

  • Write From Your Life: Poet Laureate of Kansas Mirriam-Goldberg offers “Write From Your Life” monthly columns and podcasts offering writing inspiration and exercises to readers and listeners. She also offers National Poetry Month tips, links and writing exercises.

  • National Poem In Your Pocket Day: Keep a poem in your pocket on April 29 to hand out and scatter around businesses, homes and organizations.

  • Poem on the Range: If anyone should be doing Poem on the Range, it’s those of us who live where the deer and antelope play. Take photos of all that’s poetic to you, or make audio and video recordings, then upload them to a big map of Poems on the Range across America.

  • Poem a Day: Sign up to receive a daily poem via email.

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